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Plascon Floortect Range – a New Generation of Floor Coatings

The Plascon Floortect range of products represents a new generation of floor coatings developed by Plascon, a company with over 130 years in the coatings business. Key characteristics of the Floortect range include:

Innovative Technology:

The range incorporates advanced technology to ensure high-quality, seamless finishes suitable for various applications.

Wide Application:

Specifically designed for high-traffic areas, these coatings are ideal for environments like hospitals, ensuring durability and longevity under heavy wear.

Ease of Use:

The Floortect products are noted for their smooth application and excellent adhesion, making them user-friendly.

Environmental Consideration:

A notable product in this range, Floortect 3000 WB, is a two-component water-based coating, indicating a move towards more environmentally friendly solutions.

Dirt and Dust Repellence:

The flooring range is designed to repel dirt and dust, which contributes to easier maintenance and cleanliness.

Plascon Floortect range of products are available at selected Plascon Paint Expert stores nationwide.  Visit our website to find a store near you

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