Velour (Flocked) Twin Pack Roller

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Superior quality application of water and solvent-based enamels and varnishes, on wood and metal surfaces.

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Velour (Flocked) Twin Pack Roller, is an essential paint accessory for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. Crafted to ensure an ultra-smooth finish, this twin pack is your go-to solution for achieving that perfect look on your walls and surfaces.

Size: 110mm

Additional information

  • Superior Finish: Our Velour rollers are designed to hold paint generously, allowing for a smooth, lint-free application. The flocked fabric ensures a flawless finish, making it ideal for use with gloss and satin paints.
  • Durability and Longevity: Constructed with high-quality materials, these rollers are built to last, ensuring you can tackle multiple projects without the need for constant replacements.
  • Comfortable Design: Ergonomically designed handles provide comfort and ease during extended periods of use, reducing fatigue and making your painting experience more enjoyable.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: With reusability in mind, these rollers are easy to clean and environmentally friendly, reducing waste and promoting sustainable painting practices.
  • Twin Pack Value: Receive two high-performing rollers in one convenient pack, offering great value and ensuring you always have a spare at hand.
  • Ultra-fine velour fiber, eliminates bubbling during painting.
  • Luxurious, superfine, even finish.
  • The next best thing to a spray gun finish.
  • Durable & easy to clean.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects, the Velour (Flocked) Twin Pack Roller is versatile in its application. Whether you’re updating your living room with a fresh coat of satin or adding a touch of gloss to your outdoor furniture, these rollers guarantee a professional-grade finish. Ideal for use on smooth surfaces, they are particularly effective in applying enamels, varnishes, and high-gloss paints.

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