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Combatting Paint Chalking: Causes, Effects, and Effective Solutions – Ask the Paint Experts

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on combatting paint chalking, an issue that many property owners encounter. In this blog, we delve into the causes, effects, and solutions for paint chalking, providing expert advice to keep your exterior looking its best.

What is Paint Chalking?

Paint chalking occurs when a fine powder forms on the surface of paint films during weathering, leading to colour fading. It’s a common issue, particularly in exterior applications.

Possible Causes of Paint Chalking:

  1. Use of Low-Grade, Highly Pigmented Paint: Cheaper paints often have higher pigment content and lower quality binders, making them more prone to chalking.
  2. Use of Interior Paint for Outdoor Applications: Interior paints are not formulated to withstand outdoor weather conditions, leading to quicker degradation and chalking.

Effective Solutions to Combat Paint Chalking:

  1. Remove Chalk Residue: Start by scrubbing the affected surface with a stiff bristle brush. This step is crucial for removing the chalky layer and preparing the surface for further treatment.
  2. Rinse Thoroughly: Use power washing equipment or a simple garden hose to rinse off the loosened chalk particles. Ensure that the surface is completely clean before proceeding.
  3. Check for Remaining Chalk: After the surface dries, run your hand over it to check for any residual chalk. This step ensures that you have effectively removed all chalk before repainting.
  4. Apply a Quality Solvent-Based Primer: A high-quality primer such as Plascon Plaster Primer (UC56) will provide a stable base for the new paint and enhance its longevity.
  5. Repaint with a Quality Exterior Coating: Choose a high-grade exterior paint such as Plascon Wall & All that offers better resistance to weathering and less propensity for chalking.


By following these steps, you can effectively combat paint chalking and ensure a long-lasting, vibrant finish for your exterior surfaces. Remember, choosing the right materials and applying them correctly are key to preventing future chalking issues.

For more solutions to common paint problems follow our Plascon Paint Expert blog and YouTube Channel.

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